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Stand-alone micro wind energy systems to generate power for a diverse range of applications. We work with each client to identify and meet the specific needs for each installation, custom tailoring turbine selection, placement and connection to provide confidence that the final product is exactly what the client needs.

Micro Wind Energy Production 

Small-scale, stand-alone wind turbines for applications ranging from powering remote monitoring stations, to powering farm outbuildings, or off-grid cabins.

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Supplementary power

Wind energy systems designed to generate power in connection with already existing power systems. Whether combining wind with solar power, diesel generators, existing power utility power supply, or any other sources of power, our systems will work with what you have. 

Small-Scale Additions

Projects ranging from adding small, single turbines to existing power systems, to adding a collection of smaller turbines in order to offset greater volumes of energy use.

Medium to Large-Scale Additions

Projects adding collections of smaller to medium-sized turbines to existing independent or grid-tied power systems in order to offset higher levels of energy consumption.

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Wind energy systems for situations where wind will be the primary, or only, source of power. We design installations specifically to maximize power output and reliability for these kinds of specialized applications. Our team is committed to finding designs optimized to the specifics of each project's unique environment, and to maximize value for our clients.

Larger Wind Installations

Large projects designed to power larger installations or collections of buildings. 

Wind Energy Storage Systems

Installation of customized energy storage systems to maximize efficiency and reliability from the unique power generation that wind systems provide.