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To help us find a design for a solar installation that is right for you, please fill out the following details:

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Off-Grid System Sizes.png

This off-grid system is an excellent choice for those who are looking for power to meet only very basic energy needs and a minimalist off-grid lifestyle. This size of system will be enough to charge devices, power your lights, and run appliances that require minimal power.

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Off-Grid System Sizes.png

These systems are designed to provide the basics for full-time living, and will give you power for the essentials. They are designed for homes where large appliances are not electric, and where the heat sources are either wood or propane/gas.

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Off-Grid System Sizes.png

This is enough power to make you comfortable off-grid, and will run a standard range of small appliances and some larger items, such as a clothes dryer or small hot water heater, but is designed for homes where space heating and large demands are not electric.

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Off-Grid System Sizes.png

Luxurious living for home owners who want it all - these systems are designed to provide all of the comforts and functionality of an on-grid home with the full range of electric options, even your hot tub!

Thanks for submitting! You should hear back from us shortly. ​In the meantime, check your email for information that will be really helpful in the steps ahead.

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