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  • Think about what you use:

    • Think through every electrical device that you use (or will use) and either find it on the list below or write the name of it in one of the blank rows that are available. 

  • Fill out quantities:

    • Fill out the quantity of each item that you have under the heading "Quantity". For example, if you will have two TVs, put "2" in the quantity column for Television. ​

  • Estimate your usage:

    • Estimate how many hours you use (or will use) each device in an average day. For example, if you use a microwave for 3 minutes at a time, 8 times per day, then you would write 0.4 under "Hours per Day".​ And if you use your waffle iron once per week for an hour at a time, write 0.14 under "Hours per Day" for that item (1hr divided by 7 = 0.14).

  • Determine device wattages:

    • Work through your list again and (if you are able) find the wattage of each device on your list and update the "Item wattage" if what is already there does not match what you actually have. 

  • Then, finally, click "Submit" at the bottom of the form.

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